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just the other day



i was checking out

paula checked me out

my cashier  was paula

paula asked me how i was

i asked paula how she was

soon paula brought up the hot weather

and how she liked it, but the only time she went outside

was to go on a smokebreak

her doctor put her on vitamin d suppliments

because she hadn’t gotten enough vitamin d

or sun

because everytime she went out on her smoke break

she was wearing her black sun visor and her black half zip

and her black pants

always covered up

paula also told me she didn’t drink enough water

her doctor had told her she had to drink 16 ounces

of water for every cup of coffee she drank

because coffee dries you out


just about a year ago

you were unpacking my delusional suitcase

it was a carryon

i had thought

i had just gotten back from hollywood

i had just gotten back from redwood

i dreamt you were unpacking my delusional suitcase

i had thought you were saying

come to, un be comely

come to my loneliness

you’ll get hired

come along to my loneliness

come around to my loneliness

you’ll talk too much and

you’ll get nowhere

with sweatstains on stained blue blouses

it’s the pits

that’s all it is

nothing to show for you

morgan freeman ruins everything

bill cosby rapes away on ladies night

everybody laughing

there’s a hill you’ll pass off the highway

a tent city full of hot trash

some people live there